Working Exclusively On An iPhone

So my laptop drank some water this morning and is now dead. I rushed it to the closest Apple Service Center but the earliest I can get a diagnostic (and knowing whether or not my MacBook Air can be saved) is on Monday.

Since I have no replacements on hand I’ll be relying on my iPhone 6 Plus to get work done over the weekend. In an attempt to keep things positive, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to determine whether the iPhone 6 Plus and its enlarged screen can work as a decent productivity tool. These are the main functions that the phone will be carrying out from today until Monday (when I can at least get a decent Mac as a temporary laptop):

Documents: I have some essays for my grad school applications due on Tuesday. Thankfully, before my laptop passed on I was able to migrate all of my important documents to Google Docs from the incredibly unreliable iCloud Drive. Google Docs is a passable word processor on the iPhone, it’s main advantages over its iWork counterpart being speed and the reliability of its syncing (iCloud Drive has NEVER worked for me on mobile). If the formatting features of Google Docs prove to be insufficient, I may have to revert to Pages in order to get my essays in the right format.

Spreadsheets: Thankfully I have no complex finance spreadsheets to work on over the weekend but I’ll be going over some large (>10MB) property listings and do some light editing on those. I’ve never tried Google Sheets for any extended period of time (ditched Numbers on iOS awhile back because the damn thing would never sync with iCloud Drive) but its lack of a search function is pretty ominous. If I have trouble navigating and manipulating my spreadsheets with Google Sheets, I’ll have to revert to Numbers.

Gaming: Yes, this is part of being productive because without it, I would lose my mind and crazy, catatonic people don’t get any work done. Hearthstone was my go-to game on my Mac but since the iPhone version isn’t out yet and my iPad is also out of commission, I’ll have to rely on good ol’ handheld gaming. Off the top of my head there’s Oceanhorn (now with a 60FPS update for the iPhone 6), Vainglory, and SimCity: Buildit. That iPhone version of Hearthstone can’t come soon enough.

So far, the biggest problem I foresee is the my inability to run apps side by side. I’ll have to constantly switch back and forth between browser and word processor which is clunky to say the least. I’ll be posting updates on my experiences with this thing as a replacement laptop. Well…here’s to trying something new.

RIP MacBook Air (at least for now)


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