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Limbo Makes a Seamless Transition to Mobile


I had been put off in buying Limbo for iOS because of the $4.99 price tag (yeah, I’m cheap like that). Last weekend, the app went on sale $.99 thus presenting a buying opportunity. I shouldn’t have waited so long (that’s what she said). The visuals make the transfer completely unmolested from the original XBLA version. The minimalist aesthetic of the game is also preserved thanks to gesture-based controls: you swipe left or right to move accordingly and swipe upwards to execute the jump. To push and pull objects in the game world, you press down one finger to initiate the interaction then slide left or right either with that finger or another finger to manipulate the object. It takes some getting used to but ultimately isn’t that difficult to master. The moderate pacing of the game’s action and puzzle sequences also make it easier to control without any physical buttons.

All in all, this is a great purchase even at full price. I hope that this trend of well-executed console ports continues: they make a great case for the iPad as a serious gaming platform. I can’t wait to see how GTA: San Andreas looks later this month.